Salt n Sauce

This is the temporary site of Dennis Martin PgDip and it's just the holding page with some links of my clients sites.

Site proper will come as soon as I get a minute to finish it but at the moment I'm busy busy busy, which is the way I like it.
I specialise in clear , simple and tasteful designs as well as PHP/ Mysql content management solutions, that really work.

Here are some examples for now.

Michaela Huber Adaptocare
Michaela Huber Furniture Adaptocare
Scottich Furniture Makers Glasgow Architectural salvage
Scottish Furniture Makers Glasgow Architectural Salvage
Altia Solutions 60Watt
Altia Solutions 60 Watt
Wych elm Project David Adamson
The Wych Elm Project David Adamson
Insight Property Management Scotland Dalgety
Insight Development - Property Developers Scotland and Dalgety
Ogilvy classic car Restoration All Nations Christian centre
Ogilvy Car Restoration All Nations
The Wee Web Edinblythe
The Wee Web EdinBlythe
Association of Death and Society Lemon Squeezy
Association of Death and Society Lemon Squeezy
Fellside Wood Studio  
Fellside Wood Studio  

Sites I do the backend database programming for

Western Van Centre
Eastern M Power

Thanks for passing by.